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(Unelmien) Uudelleen muotoilu / Re-Shaping (Dreams)

Experimental documentary 7 min, 2023

Displayed in Iittala Naive Art Exhibition curated by Veikko Halmetoja, 2023

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DocPoint catalog 2023 says about 10 Letters to the Future:


"This uniquely told, touching documentary is like a hopeful whisper that encourages the viewer to take action. It offers a glimpse into the days, when the hustle of society settled down and all that remained were the personal, simple parts of life, and worry for the future."

Heta Heikkala (translated by Vilma-Lotta Mustonen)

10 kirjettä tulevaisuuteen / 10 Letters to the Future

Documentary 69min, BonsaiFilms Oy 2023, dir. collective

Premiere at DocPoint Helsinki Documentary Film Festival, National Competition 2023

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Hoitava / Nursing

Dance film, 18min, Aino Sound 2022, dir. Salla Hämäläinen

Premiere at Helsinki International Film Festival - Love & Anarchy

National competition, 2022

Varokaa ohittavaa junaa

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Varokaa ohittavaa junaa / Beware of a passing train

Experimental documentary, 8min

Displayed in Iittala Naive Art Exhibition curated by Veikko Halmetoja, 2022

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Yötyön zen / They go gentle into that night work

Documentary, 11min, Artlab Productions Oy 2020, dir. Soile Mottisenkangas

Tallinn PÖFF Shorts 2020

DocPoint -Helsinki Documentary Film Festival 2021

Best Experimental Documentary, Close:up Edinburgh Docufest 2021

Best Nordic Short Documentary, Västerås Filmfestival 2022


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Lauluja rakkaudesta / Still Into You

Documentary, 70min, Bonsai Films Oy 2020, dir. Anu Kuivalainen

Nordisk Panorama 2020

DocPoint Tallinn 2021

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Kanarialinnut / The Canaries 

Documentary, 75 min, Kinokokko Ky 2015, dir. Jari Kokko



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Mustad Lesed / Black Widows

Tv-series, 12 x 50 min, Paprika Latino Studios OÜ 2015

dir. Andres Puustusmaa  

(Screenshot gallery)

Sininen Uni / Sleep Easy

Drama, 25 min, Yellow Film & TV 2014, dir. Marko Talli & Jarkko T. Laine

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Color Dolor: Last Night

Music video, dir. Emilia Putkinen, 2014

(Screenshot gallery)

Jyväskylä liikkeessä / Jyväskylä on the Move

Promotional dance video for City of Jyväskylä, 4 min

ArtLeak Project 2013, dir. Hanna Lappalainen

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